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07.24.2005 10:35
Latonya Frost
North Carolina

Sorors, I would first like to Congratulate Neophytes of Spr. O5. This is my first time visiting the website and I would like to say an Outstanding Job!!LoveLatonya FrostElizabeth City Alumnae ChapterSpr. 05 #23 Valuable Malachite
07.23.2005 11:39
Martina Middlebrooks

Hello sorors,i must say the intro was very touching. I warmed my spirit. I just want to say congrats on a great website it is evident that your chapter represents the epitome of delta.All of my L, P, & H,Da Main AttractionSpring 04 Theta Sigma # 7
07.11.2005 13:43
Nicheole Broadie

Greetings to the Lovely Ladies of Delta Nu,
I am truly glad and inspired that you ladies have kept the legacy of the Delta Sigma Theta at the top of your priorities. I have heard a lot about you ladies and I look forward to meeting each and every one of you at Homecoming. I wish you ladies lots of luck and remember, always keep Delta first and foremost in your heart. Always remember that you make Delta what it is and what people will remember this Chapter to be. Keep up the good work and job well done on the web site.

Yours in Delta,
Nicheole Davis-Broadie
#31 Hera
07.08.2005 20:53
Daveeda Argrow

To all the ladies of Delta Sigma Theta,
It is evident from how accesible this website is that you all worked extremely hard and as a team. I am truly loving everything about this sorority. Your time is greatly valued in the community and around campus; and at this moment I would like to say thanks to all and keep up the good work. It must be an honor to strut the crimson and cream, go ladies!!!!

With much love,
07.03.2005 21:15
Afryea Prince
New York

Dear Sorors and Sisters of the Delta Nu,
I have and will always have respect for the crimson and cream. I appreciate and have seen firsthand (my cousin) the affects that upholding that Delta sign has had on people's lives. It does something for their persona and by changing one person the rest of the people that come into contact with that individual know that they are dealing with someone special and out of the ordinary. Deltas posses a demeanor that is unmistakable. They carry themselves with poise, dignity and respect and those are qualitites that I hold dear. Keep up the good work. This homepage took time and dedication and that is the first thing I noticed upon entering when greeted with the timeline of Delta history in pictures.
An incoming Freshman from NY,
07.01.2005 07:41

I love your site. It's cute!
06.30.2005 13:17
Passionate Fortson

I just wanted to say that I was truly inspired when I viewed the homepage! Congratulations on a job well done and keep up the good work!!! Can't wait to see you for homecoming...

Passionate Fortson
Spring 2000 #2
06.25.2005 16:12
Lanita Houston

Dear Sorors,
Welcome babies and keep up the awesome work! I'm very proud of you and excited to meet you this homecoming! Even though I'm not there, my ls's keep me informed whats' up Tilley and Channil? Continue to run the YARD! Smile, kisses and hugs. Sorors, contact me anytime, MD/DC/VA.

Yours in Delta,
Nita (DN)
18SPR99 "Twisted"
Miss Delta 99-00

06.13.2005 12:45
Elizbeth Newkirk

Ladies of the Delta Nu Chapter,
I would like to thank you for letting the women of world know what it means to be a leader. Ever since I was in the Eighth grade I knew I wanted to be a Delta. I say this because as indivisuals you stand out as outspoken, wise, and classy. However when you come together you are dangerous. There is no body better than you despite the ugly rumors that are said. I believe a women should not be judged by her looks, but the content of her character, and the message that she delievers to others; males and or females. Keep doing what you do and follow in the footsteps of the Notable Deltas.
-A Prospective Delta
P.S Thank you!
06.13.2005 11:44

Great job on the OUTSTANDING website. You ladies are doing a great job with the Krimson and Kream, you make me PROUD!

Keep up the GREAT work for DELTA, you founders are proud!

Your brother of Krimson and Kream

06.06.2005 12:29
Tykeisha Jordan

I wanted to send a special congrats to the sorors of 2005. I'm extremely proud of you! Ya'll are the BOMB. I look forward to checking you out at homecoming. Please continue to keep the legacy of OUR chapter alive. Regardless of what happens know that you are strong! I love you all, and
continue to strive for greatness. Shout out to my new #14 Kirsten...Girl I love proved made your real mother proud!!!
Speaker of the House #14

05.31.2005 16:56

Greetings, members of the Delta Nu chapter. I enjoyed reviewing your website, and great job with the roots to the new age of Deltas. It was quite interesting to see. As new lineages may approach keep up with the good work of proficiency. Love Eliza

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05.28.2005 06:44
Stacy Johnson

Hello Sorors! Just wanted to say congratulations to Spr. 05 and great job on the website. Special shout out to ZaDonna, Sheena, Tiffany, Ashley, and Calandra. Oo-oop! -Theta Tau "Miss Understood" #5 Spr. 04
05.20.2005 13:19
Quintel Noel

Greetings Soros! Great job on your website; I love the intro! Keep up the good work!

#12 Xhaust
"Return From X-ile"
Spr. 05
Xi Eta Chapter
Georgia Southern University

05.12.2005 13:17

Beautiful job ladies!!! I hope in the future that I too can become a part of your chapter and be just as successful as you all! I'm loving the website, the intro made me cry and definitly convinced me that SSU and the Delta is right for me.
Thjanks being an inspiration!
05.11.2005 12:32
Kim Hendricks

Sorors, I am so happy to see this website! It really looks nice. I was super excited to learn that Shanna Terry, a former student of mine, has crossed MY chapter in 2005! She just came by my room and it has warmed my heart to know that our chapter is committed to selecting a high caliber of young women to continue the great legacy of Delta. Keep it up!

-Kim Hendricks
Spring 91 #21
05.11.2005 07:57
Lavone R. Ellison

My Delta Nu Sorors!!

How proud I am of your and your website! Thanks for showing respect to the "old school" Delta Nu sorors. Much love, peace & blessings to all of you.

Delta Nu
Fall 1985

05.05.2005 07:16

Oh yeah !! Another shout out to Soror Houston, my other mom!! I love you and thanks so much for everything! You all have a wonderful site!
05.05.2005 07:14

OO-OOP my sorors!! This is Christian from the Theta Tau Chapter-Valdosta State University. Just wanting to show some love to my hometown. Special hello to Zadonna, Sheena, and my girl Jacelyn who just crossed on that Spring O5 line with ya girl. I love yall and may god bless. "Makaveli" #6 Spr'05
05.05.2005 05:10
Kymberli S.

Greetings Sorors,
You all have a lovely website. It is always good to see us DIVAS running the yard! Continue to do well don't be afraid to visit our website! OO-OOP!

Kym S.
Delta Pi Chapter
Jackson State University
#34 "Milli"
67 T.H.R.O.W.B.A.C.C.
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